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Liv Sin – Live at The Dome, 17th September 2017

Liv Sin – Live at The Dome, 17th September 2017

For those who have not been to The Dome in London before, it is quite reminiscent of a school hall. However, this school hall is not privy to tedious assemblies, but instead houses quality acts such as Liv Sin.

The newly formed Swedish metal band, fronted by Liv Jagrell (previously of Sister Sin), graced The Dome with their loud, energetic metal. Liv Sin came on stage around 8:45pm, after sets by Reptil and In Death (whose drummer suspiciously reminded me of Tommy Saxondale).

The band set up with low, dimmed lights, building anticipation before Liv exploded onto the stage with their track ‘Godless Utopia’. Liv instantly got stuck into the crowd, successfully bringing new sinners into the Liv Sin fan club. Other tracks included Let Me Out, I’m Your Sin and Immortal Sin, showcasing just how brilliant their debut album ‘Follow Me’ really is.

Liv Jagrell soon donned her iconic leather cap part way through the performance, letting the crowd know she meant business. Throughout the set, Liv climbed on the stage scaffolding as well as swinging the mic stand around, reaping havoc across the spacious stage. Around Liv, if you could draw your eyes from her performance, the other band members were also having just as much fun. The guitarists where pairing up on stage left, right and centre playing together as if they had been paired up for much longer than just a year!

The tracks kept coming with little respite between them, besides one occasion where Christoffer Bertzell reminded the crowd of the merch stand and their album. Christoffer then went on, alongside Liv before a few tracks stating that their music is ripe for headbanging to. If that was not obvious to those watching however, then they needed to take their earplugs out, or turn their hearing aids up.

Overall, Liv Sin where exciting, entertaining, and played a set list which depicts just how promising their debut album ‘Follow Me’ really is. The set was finished by Liv Jagrell’s favourite track (insider information) from the debut album, ‘The Fall’- loud, fast, furious and menacing, a proper track to finish a fantastic set which most definitely picked them up more fans. It was of course, also a great way to prepare for the headline act, American Head Charge, who admittedly had a big act to follow.

Keep an eye out for more tracks by Liv Sin as they progress as a band, and go see them! If you happen to be in Spain, also check them out on their headline tour- you will not go home disappointed. For that insider information, check out or The Pit On CSRfm over on Facebook and listen to the interview I have with Liv Jagrell discussing Liv Sin’s shows, music, debut album, as well as what metal bands are best to listen to in the gym!

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