CSRfm is your Community & Student Radio station based in Canterbury, England, catering to the district of Canterbury and other local areas.


CSRfm is your Community & Student Radio station based in Canterbury, England, catering to the district of Canterbury and other local areas. Having commenced broadcasting in January 2007, the station holds a Community FM licence as awarded by Ofcom with a purpose to serve the local community of those in education, or aspiring to be in education, between the ages of 15 and 24.

The station broadcasts 24/7, 365 days a year to the local community of Canterbury on 97.4fm and online worldwide via this website and various supporting apps including iTunes and TuneIn. Shows are broadcast from our two studios, one situated in the Media Centre at the University of Kent, and one situated on the Canterbury Christ Church University North Holmes Road campus. Furthermore, we are proud to be able to claim ourselves as the first student-led community radio station in the country to be awarded a Community FM license, now 1 of 8.

The station is predominantly volunteer-run, made up of both students and members of the local community. Anyone aged 18 or over can join the station and benefit from the many opportunities we offer to our members including gaining experience in; presenting or producing a radio show, creating engaging and informative news, planning and producing events on one of the University campuses or in the local area, maintaining our vast amounts of equipment and sophisticated I.T. systems, conducting interviews with local artists, researching music, developing marketing campaigns and much more. For anyone aged under 18 years old, we offer a programme called The Youth Academy which is free to register on.



CSR is the result of a merger between the two student radio stations UKCR (University of Kent) and C4 Radio (then Canterbury Christ Church College, now Canterbury Christ Church University.) The stations merged when both sought to apply for a Community FM license but being that they served a very similar audience it made the most sense to combine forces. The station is proud to be recognised as the first of 8 student-led radio stations in the UK to be awarded with a Community FM licence, now in its second term and due for renewal in 2017.



As a means to effectively manage the new partnership between the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury Youth & Student Media Ltd (or CYSM for short) was born – a holding company comprising of a Board of Directors which oversees the management and governance of the station.

The CYSM Board of Directors is comprised of members of the University of Kent, Kent Union, Canterbury Christ Church University, and Christ Church Students’ Union, as well as three external directors, and four student-directors who form a portion of the five-student executive committee that runs the station; the Station Manager, Deputy Station Manager, Communications Manager, Programming Manager, and Technical Manager.

The Executive Committee lead a larger committee consisting solely of CSRfm volunteers, leading a number of different focuses of the stations output and internal operations from technical elements (outside broadcasts, studio management, training) to a communications team (marketing, advertising, events, social media, outreach, community) and programming (music research, show production, presenter and producer development).

The station is also supported by two full-time members of staff, both under contract by CYSM Ltd to assist in the running of the station and to help drive both its members and its volunteer committee to continuing success.



CYSM Ltd, and in turn CSRfm is funded by the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University, as well as their associated Student Unions by way of annual donations. Any income generated through membership subscriptions, advertising or otherwise is injected straight back into the project enabling us to improve our equipment, facilities, to create more opportunities or to improve our marketing and communications with our audience.



Please find below links to some documents that you may find useful, including our Key Commitments (as agreed with Ofcom), our approximate coverage map showing the area our FM broadcast will reach, and our Wikipedia page where you might find more useful information.