It’s a cold Wednesday night and Marmozets is playing in a sold out student union venue that is about to get very warm. The band opened with an odd choice of song in ‘New Religion’, which is a deeper cut on the new record ‘Knowing What You Now Know’. The track got a mildly muted reaction, which is a shame because it’s a brilliant track, just an odd opener. It wasn’t until they launched into Habits that the night really got started, and oh boy the place erupted. From here onwards the mosh pits opened, the pints flew & the crowd surfed. One of the minimal calmer moments in the set was the absolutely beautiful ‘Insomnia’, which, not for the first time, had lead singer Becca’s vocals swirling around the room.  

Later on in the set the band played the penultimate track off the new record (Suffocation) and preceded it by guitarist Sam telling the crowd to absolutely lose their f**king minds to the next song. As you can imagine, the crowd were glad to oblige, with a rush of crowd surfers and the whole front standing section whirling into a circle pit beneath them. When I thought it couldn’t get any better, the band advised the crowd that they were “Born Young & Free” and that they wanted to be shown that… well you can imagine what came next –and If you can’t I’d say turn on your music streaming platform of choice, listen to Born Young & Free and pay close attention at 2:08 in the track.

For the first gig I’ve been to in a while there was no encore. Which I wish more bands did. They could have easily done one after ‘Run with the Rhythm’ which closes the new album and it would have made perfect sense, but it was so refreshing to see the band launch into ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ and despite calls for ‘Vibetech’ (the hard-core fan favourite off the first record) they instead opted for the latest single ‘Major System Error’ which drew one of the biggest reactions of the night. The band then went on to close with arguably their biggest song, and even though Becca’s mic cut out towards the end of ‘Captivate You’ which she made very obvious by hanging over the crowd shrugging her shoulders, the crowd were just spurred on to belt the last chorus out even louder to close what could very well be a contender for gig of the year.




  1. New Religion
  2. Habits
  3. Is It Horrible
  4. Start Again
  5. Move, Shake, Hide
  6. Weird & Wonderful
  7. Insomnia
  8. Meant To Be
  9. Particle
  10. Play
  11. Suffocation
  12. Born Young and Free
  13. Lost in Translation
  14. Run With The Rhythm
  15. Why Do You Hate Me?
  16. Major System Error
  17. Captivate You