With 2018 now upon us, the team here at CSR have taken a look at some of their predictions of who will be the artists to watch this year….

Daisy Clark
Dani Gorf (The Hype O’Clock Show, Wednesdays 3-6pm)

Her beautiful rendition of the well-known song from Greece, ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ landed her a tidy little spot on This Morning with Holly and Phil, securing her name in the nation’s heart. Recognition for the curly haired Cornwall girl went up a notch in October this year as she won “Best Unsigned Female” at the Best of British Unsigned Music Awards. If you head on over to her Facebook page, YouTube or Spotify then you will realise why. She is definitely an artist to watch for the year ahead.


Robert Linton (#NewMusicFriday, Fridays 6-7pm)

She’s already making waves in the world of pop music. The 21 year old Norwegian has had a fantastic 2017, releasing her debut EP and making appearances across TV/radio and at festivals all over the world. Her breakout hit ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ was in contention as my choice for song of the year (find out who I actually chose here) and her latest release Strangers is all over the current CSR playlist. She has also featured on the soundtrack for the 2017 superhero film Justice League doing a cover of Leonard Cohen’s 1988 classic ‘Everybody Knows’. Sigrid’s original song’s are quirky, fun and her lyrics bring stories to life. That is why Sigrid is my one to watch in 2018.

Machine Head & World War Me
Karl Goodwin (The Pit, Thursdays 10-11pm)

First of all, Machine Head’s Catharsis is coming out next year, and the only taster we have had, ‘Beyond The Pale’ was absolutely unreal! This is for me the album I am most looking forward to slinging on my decks and whacking up to 11.

However, a band I expect to see climb within their own genre this year is World War Me. Their debut self titled album came out this October via SharpTone Records, and I seriously still can’t get it out of my head. This is proper emo pop punk with catchy riffs, whiney vocals, sing along choruses and nostalgia induced lyrics. They have been compared to My Chemical Romance, and if anyone could fill the huge hole they created, then I think World War Me have the potential- speaking of which, they released a cover of MCR’s ‘Heaven Help Us’.

As with Creeper who exploded onto the scene this year, I am thinking these will be up there following in their footsteps. Maybe not as big as Creeper, but within the pop punk scene, they have got to hit it off!

Dead! dropping their debut album, “The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying” 
Giacomo Palmieri (Sounds Like Teen Spirit)

Dead! are a thoroughly exciting prospect. I saw them at my local venue in Milton Keynes over the summer and their raw, gritty energy was contagious. The three singles released so far from the album are excellent —check out “Up For Ransom” for a taster—  so I fully expect the album to be complete and utter carnage. Watch this space. 

Pale Waves
Christian Brown (Vitamin R, Thursdays 9-10pm)
Don’t be fooled by their gothic exterior, their indie sound will be something that dominates airwaves next year. ‘New Year’s Eve’ is easily one of the songs of 2017, and it only came out in early November. Expect big things.

Laura Perry (The Urban LP)
She’s not brand new, but her first album dropped in 2017 and it actually blew my bloody mind!!!! So I’m very excited and definitely looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for us all next year.

So there are some of our picks, who are you championing in 2018? Let us know in the comments below…